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Desreta Jackson 

The Iconic Actress

Desreta Jackson was born in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. She is best known for her starring role as “young Celie” in the 1985 Oscar-nominated film, “The Color Purple.” Directed by Steven Spielberg, which features Oprah Winfrey and Laurence Fishburne, stars Whoopie Goldberg as adult Celie Harris. Her stellar performance in “The Color Purple” launched her career, landing roles like those in SisterAct, Mancuso F.B.I., and other made-for-TV movies. It also led to Ms. Jackson producing one of the first reality shows made for television, setting the trend before reality shows became the accepted norm. Among many other accomplishments, Ms. Jackson was honored in 2022 with 13 proclamations received from the United States Senate, Congress, and the mayors of Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Compton, California, for her work offering outstanding quality products and serving the community through BLACKSILK products, her hair expos with the 2011 Prestige Award for her contribution to African American history, honorably cited in the African American Film Encyclopedia, as an iconic actress in cinematic history. She is truly a living legend; where you may see the clothes she wore and her name in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture for her role in The Color Purple. She was honored with not one but two prestigious MAC AWARDS by the state of Virginia for Black History Month (VaBHMA). Desreta was the guest of honor, being recognized for her philanthropy in the black community and entrepreneurship, along with the BULLDOG award for her devotion and perseverance to overcome obstacles. These awards are given only to those who have personally and professionally advocated a future of racial freedom and equality to keep the “Yes We Can” dream alive. In history, Desreta Jackson is also cited as part of your school books under The African American Iconic Actress of Encopideia. She made a significant contribution to the film industry in her debut role as “young Celie Harris” in The Color Purple. Many actors strive to achieve the same level of success over a lifetime of Hollywood roles. She has continued to pursue her acting career and has showcased her natural talent in guest appearances on Sister Act and Mancuso F.B.I. She has also produced and directed the California Soul TV Show and various theatrical plays for television. In addition to these accomplishments, she has executive produced and written one of the first reality T.V. shows, Creating Celebrity, before the concept became popular.


The Author

The Black Hair Consiparcy, a self-published book after only four months published, caught the attention of many for her innovative reseach on the science of hair. Placing her as a first-time author, a part of history. The book “The Black Hair Conspiracy” is a part of The Blair Caldwell’s unique collection on Black Hair. The Blair Caldwell Reference Library and Museum is an association and a part of the world-renowned Smithsonian Museum. Desreta spent nine years researching and writing her book “The Black Hair Conspiracy” to prove her theory that It’s Not Just Hair. Her book “The Black Hair Conspiracy” takes an in-depth look into the psychological effects of social media standards of beauty and its mental and physical impact by connecting historical facts with psychological theories by some of the greatest philosophers in history. The Black Hair Conspiracy debunks a series of lies put in place to psychologically enforce and control the thinking that we have learned today. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the hair grows and how to find protective styles safely. It also warns you against the dangers of bad braiders, hair stylists, and salons, all while invalidating common myths and customs we have psychologically been brainwashed to believe. “It is not just hair” is the book’s core that teaches how to connect your hair energy and harness the powers to understand your personal and financial wealth connections! Desreta successfully launched her first book, and its hallmark is now a part of history as a unique collection on Black Hair. She also introduced the movement “It’s Not Just Hair” with a Tictok hashtag with over 6 million tags. Presenting her findings that Black Hair is connected to the universe and its laws. Coming from the background of doing hair as a professional braider with over 30 years of experience, Mrs. Jackson had extensive hair braiding expertise, mixed with her understanding of natural herbs and their healing properties. She was able to make homemade receipts for her. By combining her expertise in hair braiding and natural herbs with healing properties, she aimed to prove her theory. Through this, she created homemade remedies. To learn more about her book, listen to her latest podcast, “The Black Hair Conspiracy,” available on all radio podcast stations.


The Entrepreneur

Desreta’s natural business savvy and negotiation skills inspired her journey into social activism. She invested over 1.1 million dollars of personal finances into rebuilding her Watts, Los Angeles community. She dedicated time to invest in home restoration projects that provided victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Homelessness, and their families with a home they could call their own. She pioneered a program that focused on educating and hiring community members in need, from residents to ex-cons looking for a second chance. She has worked in creating and restructuring programs and managing events with a strong focus on execution and closure. She followed her passion for helping her community and education to establish Black Beauty, which now encompasses three divisions: BlackSilk Products, Multi-Media Dept, and Real Estate. The company employs over nine staff members and up to 100 more during major production events, always prioritizing hiring from within the community it serves. Additionally, her new investment firm, D.B.J.R., carries on the legacy by assisting small business owners in investing in real estate, creating a generation of wealth through this avenue. With worldwide real estate holdings, her company’s latest acquisitions include the Goodman and Start mansion, a historical landmark in their portfolio.


A new industry leader, Desreta Jackson, has made a name for herself with her brand, BLACKSILK. This luxury hair and skin care brand specializes in all-natural or low-chemical products and is perfect for those looking for a more fulfilling hair and skin care experience. BLACKSILK’s products are formulated to Heal, Grow, or Protect your hair and skin using original formulas created by Desreta Jackson. In 2012, Mrs. Jackson was dubbed “the Madam C.J. Walker of the New Millennium” for her efforts. She was recognized by “Innovative Technology and Breakthroughs” for bringing a revolutionary 3-step system to the hair care industry. This system offers a safe and effective way to achieve silky straight hair without traditional perms. To bring the quality of products to the affordable market and produce the universal healing concepts Mrs. Jackson shares in her book “The Black Hair Conspiracy,” her company has acquired 33 acres in California’s prime farmland to build a manufacturing and distribution center where they will grow and manufacture all of their healing ingredients. Desreta is dedicated to exploring new ideas and opportunities to revolutionize how we nourish our bodies, minds, and souls. She is the mastermind behind “The Healthy Hair Expos,” the first event to unite all-natural vendors from all races and genders under one roof. This Los Angeles Convention Center expo provides free finance, health, and hair care classes. All vendors offer handmade or all-natural products, and the expo concludes with a glamorous red carpet after-party featuring celebrity guests.  You can stay up-to-date with @Desretajackson by following her on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.